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Analysis Summary of Crude Oil Imports under HS Code 2709 in India during the time period of 01-Oct-2016 to 31-Oct-2016

India imported Crude Oil under HS Code 2709 worth USD 4074.593 million.

On regional front, Middle East has been the top supplier of Crude Oil to India with the total value of USD 2654.056 million (65.137% of total Imports). Africa has been the second largest supplier with the total value of USD 1051.609 million which accounts for 25.809 % of total Indian Imports.

United Arab Emirates has been the largest Exporter of Crude Oil to India with the total value of USD 825.753 million i.e. 20.266% of total Imports, followed by Nigeria which contributed 17.858% of the total Imports of Crude Oil into India with the total value of USD 727.630 million.

Paradeep Sea has been the Top Indian port for Imports of Crude Oil into India by handling shipments worth USD 1173.565 million (28.802% of total Imports). Mumbai Bpt Sea, 2nd largest Indian port, handled shipments worth USD 813.445 million which accounts for 19.964% of total Indian Imports.

27090000 has been the top 8 digit HS code used for Imports (of Crude oil) into India under HS 27090000. Total Imports under HS Code 27090000 has been USD 4152.698 millions with the percentage share of 101.917% of total imports into India.